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In-home Private Chef Wine Pairing Dinner with Chef Bryan


3 hrs


Select with reservation


up to 10 guests



flat fee


A Delightful Wine Pairing Dinner Experience

Imagine an evening of culinary excellence where each bite is perfectly complemented by the ideal wine. Welcome to our exquisite five-course wine pairing dinner, where every moment is crafted to delight your senses and create lasting memories.

Each course in this wine pairing dinner is thoughtfully curated to create a harmonious blend of tastes and textures. Our private chef and winemaker ensures every wine enhances the flavor profile of the dish, creating a dining experience that is both fun and unforgettable. Join us for an evening where culinary artistry introduces wines from across the globe, and let us take you on a journey of taste and excitement.

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Dry white wine
Dry red wine
Sweet white wine
Sweet red wine


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