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Healthy Cooking without Recipes


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Melissa Kamphake


Learn to cook without recipes in 30 days.

Why 30 days? To help you build on a series of skills in the kitchen and learn how to look at food and recipes differently while developing positive habits.

– Systematic approach to learning to cook
– Get the most out of your pantry
– Learn simple skills to make you more successful in the kitchen
– Learn how to use flavor profiles to find inspiration in recipes without having to rely on them
– Get the tips, tricks, hacks and cheats to cook like a pro and balance your macros

While many consider cooking to be a talent, making delicious meals without recipes can be taught no matter what your skill level. Perfect for any diet system including paleo, vegetarian, vegan, keto and more.


– Simple daily lessons that take you through each step you need to cook without recipes

– Shopping lists to save time and money

– Learn a handful of core cooking techniques needed for 1000’s of dishes

– PDFs with cultural flavor profiles to help develop your intuition to know how to “season to taste”

– Learn how to construct healthy delicious meals from almost anything

– Save money and improve your health by avoiding restaurants and packaged foods, and reducing waste

– Join a community of new healthy cooks and share tips and adventures with a professional chef to help guide you


Developed by Jester’s Paddock winery’s in-house chef and winemaker. With years of experience preparing healthy meals for clients and guests as well as designing meal kit services for companies such as Whole Foods Market. He got his start providing fitness, medical and nutritional services and advice for nearly 10 years as a US Navy Hospital Corpsman.




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