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Jesters Paddock

BYOW or you know… blend your own!

Get in on the action and make your own custom blends. We’ve researched blend formulas from around the globe and made it easy for you to select a style to make your own. You’ll be able to adjust the percentages of each varietal based on your preferences and palette. Dial it in and we’ll get it ready for you by the case or the bottle!

He’s a dirty secret – all the best stuff are blends so why not make yours?! Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry we have you covered. We have blending kits from personal to a crowd available for you to play mad scientist – I mean winemaker!


Blend your own wines or enjoy our selection of quality, fun wines.

Never spend more than $15 for a bottle of wine.

First 2 bottles of the month only $10 each.

FREE shipping. Adult signature required.

Gift a month of your membership to friends or family.

Membership Perks
These gift cards from are included FREE with your membership.

Membership Perks
These gift cards from are included FREE with your membership.

What to expect

Wine club:

We have opened our BYOW wine club for Early Bird membership so that you can take advantage of some VIP bonuses.

VIP bonuses include complimentary chauffeur bus service between the winery, select locations and Keeneland during the Derby and Breeder’s Cup.

Custom blended wines will cost $30 a bottle or $240 a case (save $120 each case). BYOW wine club members will never spend more than $15 a bottle. Cases are only $180 (save an additional $60 on already great savings!).

How could you make that any sweeter? or drier? Each month the first two bottles of wine – any wine – is $10 for BYOW wine club members.


Available small batch wines and ciders will be able to be purchased online. Shipping is free for BYOW wine club members.

You will be able to use our website to explore and place orders for your custom blends this spring.

At the winery:

Imagine sipping wine at a tasting room surrounded by rolling hills and horse paddocks. A tasting room with varietals available on tap so that you can blend your own flight or try our small batch wines and ciders by the glass. Comfortable chairs and couches inside and large Adirondacks out back to soak up the view. That will give you a little idea of what we have in store for you.

We’re in the process of remodeling a 5000 sq ft barn on our horse farm along historic Paris Pike in Lexington, Kentucky and plan to open the tasting room this summer. Of course, our outdoor tasting space will be available for the Derby.

BYOW wine club members never spend more than $5 for a glass of wine or cider when drinking at the winery.


When should I expect to be able to start receiving wine?

BYOW wine club members will have some small batch selections to choose from starting in January.

How much can I save?

Early bird membership is $100 renewable each year. With all of the savings we’re offering even if you only order 2 bottles a month you’ll save $140 a year. Order more or enjoy experiences and you can save quite a bit!

If I don’t renew, will I keep my benefits?

Early bird memberships will always pay no more than $15 a bottle or $5 a glass at our winery. You must have an active membership to receive additional benefits.

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